SBI home loan provisional interest certificate ( Max Gain )

SBI home loan provisional interest certificate( Max gain )

Trouble getting response from SBI to get your home loan certificate?

Finally, SBI provided the facility to download home loan provisional certificate which you can submit in your organization for income tax benefit. Earlier, this was not the case. You have to email to your SBI home loan branch for which they will reply after couple of days.

Now, You can get your SBI home interest only certificate, or else complete provisional certificate itself. It does work for SBI max gain home loan. Not sure for other home loan types from SBI.

Below are the steps:

Step 1: Login to your savings account ( Which is linked to your home loan account )

Step 2: Goto “Enqiries” tab as shown below:

Step 3: Look at the left hand sand options as shown in the below picture:

This is applicable for SBI home loan of type Max Gain OD only.