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Explore different types of insurance policies

life insurance policy tips

Tips to choose life insurance company

Life insurance policies provide protection against an unfortunate event to those who are financially dependent on policy holder. Insurance contract is entered into between insurer and insured, Read more…

Term Insurance

Term Insurance

You cannot avoid death as it is inevitable, needs no invitation, can arrive anytime and catch you unguarded. This is where life insurance comes in to effect to cover for your pre mature Read more…

Term Insurance

Health Insurance

Health insurance is very important for every individual as its coverage help in getting timely medical care and services. It is an insurance against loss due to bodily injury or illness of an individual. Read more…

motor cycle insurance policy tips

Motorcycle insurance policy tips

Today purchasing of vehicle Insurance has become mandatory before driving any vehicle on roads. This means that insurance should be bought even before the car or a two wheeler or any other vehicle leaves automobile dealer showroom.Auto insurance work on policies which include,Read more…

landlord insurance policy tips

Property insurance

Property insurance offers protection against most of the risks caused due to natural calamities or accidental incidents. Various forms of insurance are provided for it namely fire insurance,Read more…

Travel insurance policy tips

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is provided for damage caused during accident or traveling. It is offered everywhere i.e. either in one’s own country or internationally.Read more…

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